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28 Day Wellness Challenge

Fancy taking part in this 28 day wellbeing challenge. If you'd like to join us in this challenge then all you need is a copy of the tasks (printable image below) and a little spare time each day for 28 days straight.

A simply task each day for 4 whole weeks to see if we can give you something else to focus on. Use this 28 day challenge to learn more about yourself, to see the kind of things you enjoy and also to learn more about your anxiety triggers.

Each day of the week comes with a different theme, covering exercise, nutrition, self care and the mind, to assist with your physical and mental needs.

Take the time to carry out these daily activities and make a note of the things that you manage to complete with little or no anxiety. Then rate your anxiety level at the end of the week between a 1 (bad) and a 10 (great), so you can track the activities that are of some value to you.

Once you’ve completed the 28 days, you might want to think about creating your own challenge planner using the things that benefit you the most in keeping on top of your anxious thinking.

Printable 28 day challenge poster

Right click on the printable image and save or print it to keep track of your daily challenges.

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