What is Meditation

What is Meditation – Why is it Important?

Meditation is the practice of concentrated breathing and inner focus. It has been practised since long before religion; since the beginning of time I would suspect. Meditation helps us to self-develop, to discover our true and inner selves and realise the goodness within; it helps us to develop our consciousness and to remove negativity and troubling thoughts from our subconscious; it gives us truth and love. Meditation allows us to rise above the mundane aspects of life and controlling mechanisms that hinder our natural and independent development.

Meditation is the only pathway for achieving true freedom and liberation; not in relative terms but in absolute ones. It is the most powerful advantage each human being has.

Throughout my life, like many of us, I have questioned why it is that humans have so many flaws. Why such overwhelming odds are against the vast majority of us and why most of us will never experience what it is to truly exist – then meditation found me. The most significant thing I first learnt was that the controlling, dictating and moulding mechanisms we encounter through schooling, society, government and manipulative-medias, all capitalise on our fears. 

We live so much of our lives in fear – we create fears and fears create us. I believe this all starts when we’re very young – with the fear of abandonment. Our moral compass and behaviours are rooted in fears. As we become a society of self-obsessed takers, we fall in to the trap of heightening our fears. This is why our fears are so successfully capitalised upon – they are very powerful. It is easy to control the fearful.

I have come to believe that an abundance of fear and lack of courage is the human condition. Fear is a negative emotion – we must overcome it. Meditation helps us to do that. It sharpen our minds, gives us courage and importantly, connects us to our souls; to nature and to the source of whatever it is that graces us with the glorious ability to feel love in its rawest form, this being, within. The more heightened or enlightened you become the less you fear. When we harmonise with nature through spiritualism, a  glow of safety and protection surrounds us – we become the golden child of the ever doting mother nature; a person within the love of god or of some formless entity which cannot be explained – which could simply be our souls. Are these not all the same things?

As we become obsessed with being able to box, categorise, explain and justify our existence and everything around us and which forms us, we fail to recognise that we aren’t meant to know everything – something’s we are just simply meant to feel. I could spend the rest of my life in an attempt to explain what it is I feel when I meditate and will never achieve this, not accurately.

The reasons why someone feels depressed or anxious may not be explainable. A contributing factor in the rise of these condition, as well as teenage suicide (which should be alarming to everyone!), can be explained by the broken, competitive, aggressive and self serving society we live amongst today. Combined with fear, our subconscious is not healthy! To find clarity through a complex condition of emotional and mental influences and triggers is, the modern challenge of living.

Without peace and clarity we lose strength and become overwhelmed by our fears.

Fortunately, in the grand design, we are part of the natural miracle of life. Guests upon a planet which loves us dearly. A planet which has every last mineral, nutrient,

vitamin and herb we need to heal, feed and develop – we are all mother nature’s children. And in amidst all the destruction we have caused to this planet still, we are forgiven – for now!!! So, it makes sense that we can also heal, feed and develop using our most precious gifts; our hearts, minds, body and soul. Collectively, through yoga, meditation and good eating, we, life a tree, can stand strong through every change and condition.  

Happiness is every human beings right; happiness should never be considered a privilege. We have been coerced and misguided in what it means to be happy, which is why so many of us are and will continue to be strive for it. Meditate, for 30 seconds a day to begin with if that is all you can face right now. Find that inner you and outer you – have trust in the miracle of life and ask for the change you want. 


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