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Lumie Lights Up Leeds University #leedslightcafe

Light  therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the  lights for the Light Cafe running from today to 19th January at Leeds  University Union. Now in its fourth year, the pop-up space aims to improve  students’ health and wellbeing during exams. The lights will be used to create  two areas; one for revision and one for relaxation.

January is traditionally a low point in  the academic year as students face the stress of exams and winter depression  which, due to the lack of exposure to natural light, is at its worst. Lumie  bright lights emit a much higher light intensity or lux (the amount of visible  light a person receives at a given point) than standard lighting to provide  typically 10,000 lux compared to 500 lux for a well-lit office. This exposure to  light stimulates the brain to produce more serotonin, a hormone that positively  affects your mood, and less of the sleep hormone melatonin so you feel more  alert. Treatment time is about 30 minutes.

Light therapy provides  relief for anyone on the winter blues spectrum, from those who experience a drop  in their mood and energy to those who are disabled by Seasonal Affective  Disorder (SAD). Even if you’re not affected by the winter, sitting with a bright  light will make you feel more alert and energetic at any time of day.

“Our pop-up light café  is now a much-anticipated fixture at Leeds University Union. The students really  appreciate the chance to study and relax with the Lumie lights.”

Chloe Sparks, Welfare  Officer, Leeds University Union.

“We can use light at  any time of day to acutely boost our mood, level of alertness and ability to  perform cognitive tasks. In the winter when our environmental light levels are  at their lowest, using a light box while studying or in the morning when we wake  up is an effective way to ensure we get enough light. Simply using a bright  light box for 15-30 min can have a positive effect.”

Dr Victoria Revell,  Circadian Rhythm Expert, Surrey University.


Specific Lumie products  in use:

Lumie  Arabica – mid-sized lightbox emitting cool white light. Delivers 10,000 lux  at 25 cms and typically  treats SAD symptoms in 30 minutes; lifts mood, boosts concentration and restores  natural energy.

Lumie  Desklamp – a desk light and natural energy booster in one; uses 96  blue-enriched white LEDs and treats SAD symptoms in 30 minutes with the diffuser  detached

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