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Day 2 – Go for a short walk

So day 2 on the 28 day challenge is to go for a short walk. And this task would usually have had me on my guard. I've been thinking about this one since I even created the challenge.

A few days ago my Dad asked if I'd fancy a drive over the Birmingham City FC clubshop. When he asked, I didn't directly say "no", but in my head I was thinking that it was a step to far right now. 

When I woke this morning, I had a different attitude, I fancied a challenge. I was aware that day 2 on the challenge was to go for a short walk. I've walked in my local area loads of times and I didn't really fancy that again. This was something that would give me a much greater sense of achievement.

So around 11.30am this morning we headed off to Birmingham. 

The vlog above contains the footage of what happened during the challenge for the day.

I mentioned a few videos back, that I was feeling more capable. I think that's the key thing for me right now. I've certainly desensitised and in doing so, have gained a small amount of desire to actually do things again.

Looking forward to day 3 tomorrow "Take a relaxing bubble bath", it's almost a reward for the efforts today. 

As I keep saying, this 28 day challenge is something that is taking a lot of things in to consideration. Self care, exposure, nutrition, exercise and more. 

I hope there are some of you who are tagging along and testing yourselves. It'd be great to hear from you. Onwards and upwards.


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