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Andrew Johnson: Free Audio Downloads – How To Relax

Our recent guest on The Breakdown Podcast, Andrew Johnson has kindly offered Anxiety United some free audio downloads of his “How To Relax” series. 

Here we have four mp3 tracks and an instruction manual free for you to listen to as often as you like.

The four tracks cover Progressive Relaxation, Diaphragmatic Breathing, The Countdown Technique and A Favourite Place of Relaxation.

Andrew Johnson is a Therapist, Coach, Meditation Expert, Creator of Mindfulness & Self Help apps and he also delivers Corporate Workshops and Seminars to his many followers. 

Download the “How to Relax” manual to accompany the audio files here: Instruction Manual

To download the individual audio files, right click on each file below and choose Save link as.

Progressive Relaxation
Diaphragmatic Breathing
The Countdown Technique
Favourite Place of Relaxation

You can catch Andrew doing LIVE meditations on his Facebook page every morning, go ahead and give his page a visit –


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