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What is Yoga & Meditation

Origin & Philosophy:

Yoga and Meditation has been a spiritual science for over 5,000 years, originating in India however, practised all over Asia and other parts of the world, in similar forms. There are masses of scientific studies which have proven that Yoga and Meditation stimulates and energises the body. The West has never argued or denied the benefits of this ancient science. In fact, the West is soaking up ancient knowledge and techniques for the improvement of their lives. You will rarely come across someone who has tried Yoga or Meditation who says it did not have a positive impact on their well-being.

The whole philosophy extends to include diet and nutrition, morale living and a personal quest for becoming more truthful, conscious, empathetic, egoless and selfless. There is nothing stopping you doing this – all you need are lungs, a mind, access to food and enough space (at home) to be able to stretch you arms and legs.

How it works:

Yoga and Mediation is a science of the mind, body and soul. Yoga consists of opening and developing several energy points within the body, known as “Chakras”. This is accomplished through sequences of light stretching exercises and poses and controlled breathing. Yoga is a system for energising, healing and strengthening our bodies and minds. Meditation helps us to relax and connect to our soul, to nature and to feelings of absolute bliss. It helps us to self-develop, to discover our true and inner selves and realise the goodness within; to develop our conscious and to remove negativity and troubling thoughts from our subconscious. It helps us to be content with truth and love. Meditation allows us to rise above the mundane aspects of life and controlling mechanisms that hinder our natural and independent development. Meditation is the only path for achieving true freedom and liberation; not in relative terms but, absolute ones.

In my opinion:

I was a sceptic at first and still find bulks of it mumbo-jumbo; partly due to the modern spins and hijacking that creeps into anything pure in an attempt control and contain it, in my opinion. This is why I focus on the ancient basics and steer away from the  modern, complex and monopolised versions which are shouted about today.

Personally, I begin with Yoga exercises before sun rise – which is a bugger in the summer! As my body becomes charged with energy, I continue through sunrise by taking the usual Buddha type cross-legged pose and with the use of certain breathing exercises, I meditate.

Through fortune, my learning was aided by a renowned lady who travels the world, with her son and a small group of volunteers, teaching people for free! All of the team practice Sikhism – a faith which teaches that one should not charge for passing on spiritual, medical or academic knowledge. I managed to learn in a language I barely understand.

After mastering the basics, I feel I am now able to determine what I should be learning to further my journey. I would never discourage anyone from reading books or watching videos however, note, that only you are able to make this work for you. Achievement will be obtained through focus and persistence and not by giving up after an unrealistic expectation of a miracle being performed after a 3 minute YouTube! video. Take your time, be patient, have faith. As the Sikh faith teaches, enlightenment is a journey to take at any pace, just be careful to not take steps backwards.

There are some good resources out there and it is said meditation in a group-situation is also very powerful – collective consciousness and all that. I learnt the basics in a massive group in a temple over a week. Class began at 4am! I miss all the strangers I never spoke with – it was a phenomenal week.

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