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The Breakdown Podcast Ep5 – Andrew Johnson Hypnotherapy, Meditation & EFT

Andrew Johnson has been helping people relax, change and create the lives they want through his range of self-care MP3 downloads, Apps and Workshops for over 25 years.

We discuss his deep understanding and knowledge of hypnotherapy, meditation and emotional freedom techniques during this podcast and share his insight with a view to improving your mental health.

Andrew also kindly offered viewers of this podcast some free audio downloads of his “How To Relax” series. You can find four mp3 tracks and an instruction manual here on our website. The four downloads cover Progressive Relaxation, Diaphragmatic Breathing, The Countdown Technique and Favourite Place of Relaxation. You can download all of these resources for free here:

You can learn more about Andrew Johnson here:





If you’re interested in appearing on one of these video podcasts with me then drop me an email at and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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