Anxiety Memes – Are You Triggered By Them?

Try scrolling through twitter, facebook or instagram and not seeing memes. They’re everywhere, memes about trending topics are always at the top of my feeds whenever I log in to my social accounts. 

And it’s not to uncommon for me to see memes about mental health, including anxiety and depression.

I was wondering how many people are actually triggered by these memes aimed at anxiety. I’ve compliled a list of 10 memes I found on anxiety within a 5 minute period whilst searching on Google.

Can you see the funny side? or do these add to an already negative stigma.

What’s your take? Share in the comments below.

#1 What if this happens?

This was one of the first memes I ever came across on anxiety. I vaguely remember sharing this on the anxiety united twitter feed a while back.


    #2 Something bad is about to happen

    A lot of the memes based on anxiety and depression follow the same trend. The "what if" or "something bad is going to happen" is often the opening line, with a picture of somesort.


      #3 Don’t worry, you’ll be fine

      When you try to explain your anxiety to someone and they reply with "don't worry, you'll be fine"

      The popular Kim K in this meme about anxiety.


        #4 Aren’t you like… worried?

        Anxiety: aren't you like... worried?
        Me: about what?
        Anxiety: idk
        Me: oh my god, you're right

        Ok, so I really apologise if you are triggered. Because this anxiety meme actually made me smile. Does that mean I'm mocking people with anxiety? Of course not... I am someone who struggles with anxiety. It's a light hearted look at the sometimes ridiculous things we say in our own heads when dealing with heightened anxiety.


          #5 They hate you

          Anxiety: they hate you
          Me: who hates me
          Anxiety: they

          A large number of the anxiety memes I seen whilst searching were aimed at the social anxiety side of things. Which I do struggle with myself too. Again, this is not poking fun at those who do struggle, it's a light hearted look at the reality of social anxiety.


            #6 That one molecule of Serotonin…

            That one molecule of serotonin trying to keep me going throughout the day

            Poor old hide the pain Harold features in this meme about serotonin.


              #7 What is most likely to cause anxiety?

              I seen this meme on instagram a few weeks ago and saved it to my phone. I think I may have shared it on twitter too. I've made videos about these issues causing anxiety, so it's not new news here. These things really do cause anxiety. So although it's meant as a kind of joke, it really is true. And that's the case with a large majority of these memes on anxiety and mental health.


                #8 When someone asks me if I’m ok during an anxiety attack

                When someone asks me if I'm ok during an anxiety attack
                Me: I'm fine, why you ask

                An owl?!? in a meme talking about an anxiety attack. Those eyes tell a thousand stories.


                  #9 When you tell people you have anxiety and can’t do something…

                  When you tell people you have anxiety and can't do something and they tell you to just be positive and not think about it.

                  This anxiety meme is pretty popular, I've seen it a bunch of times. Are you triggered by it? Or can you see the funny side of such memes.


                    #10 When your anxiety goes away…

                    When your anxiety goes away and having no anxiety gives you anxiety.

                    This adorable dog is a cute way to finish off these anxiety memes. The big question is, what effect do memes like this have on those who suffer with anxiety?

                    Do you see the funny side? or are these offensive to you?


                      What do you think?

                      Written by Anxiety United

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