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The Great Outdoors & Mental Health

There is a growing base of evidence to suggest that exposuring yourself to natural environments can be linked with mental health benefits. Placing yourself nearer to greenspaces has been associated with lowering levels of stress and a reduction in symptoms for depression and anxiety.

Of course you can’t argue that there’s definite benefits from the amount of fresh air and Vitamin D you’ll get when your outdoors. But there are more benefits for your mental health while being in the great outdoors.


Getting out and about, going for a walk or hike is a great way to help reduce stress. We all know that exercise can have a calming effect. The physiological effects of exercising while in the great outdoors reduces blood pressure, increases your heart rate and help to reduce levels of cortisol in your system.

For many of us, stress is something we can’t avoid, so it’s important to find some time to try and rebalance your life. Walking, hiking and camping are some great examples of getting out and being with mother nature.


There’s something to be said for the word ‘minimalism’, downing tools, downing technology and concentrating on life’s simple pleasures.

The constant use of technology, gadgets and screens is not good for our health, both physically and mentally. Phones, tablets and computers have all been linked to increased stress, anxiety and a reduction in the quality of our sleep.

Hiking, adventures and camping trips can help change all that, giving you an opportunity to unwind, recharge your batteries, and relax.


I’m sure you all know the benefits of physical activity can have on our bodies and our minds, being surrounded by beautiful scenery and open spaces can be extremely therapeutic. While you’re out in the wilderness you’ll be walking, moving, active and getting your blood flowing.

Hiking, open water swimming and cycling are great ways to get moving and help clear your mind. Taking a break from everyday routine by taking a camping trip is a great way to get yourself in to the outdoors for a longer period. And camping outdoors doesn’t need to be an expensive experience take a look around at tent suppliers in the UK and find yourself a deal.


Away from the routine of daily life, being outdoors is one of the best ways to focus on building or repairing relationships.

Whether it’s your relationship with yourself, your partner, friends or family, spending time surrounded by mother nature gives you an opportunity to stop thinking about what’s going on elsewhere, be mindful and live in the present moment.

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