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When I launched the Anxiety United website and YouTube channel, I had a very “let’s see what happens” attitude about it all. Six years and over 2 million views on Youtube later, I couldn’t be happier about where it’s heading. To see the community I created grow and share support shows me that Anxiety United is doing exactly what I wanted it to be doing all that time ago.

That being said, it really can be a lot of work. At the moment, the new Breakdown podcast, management of the website, discord group and social media platforms are passion projects of mine, and they actually cost me money to keep them afloat. I truly want to keep going, and keep creating. To do that, I need your help.

I launched a Patreon. Patreon is a place where creators receive support from their followers, in order to keep creating the work that their following loves. In exchange for the support provided, Patrons receive perks and benefits from the creator corresponding to different tiers. Many podcasters and writers use Patreon to keep creating the work their audience loves. Anxiety United has three tiers available:

The Thank You Tier: This tier is $1 per month and is essentially you saying thank you for the content and helping keep our platform going from strength to strength. You will also gain access to exclusive Patron Supporters content posted both on the Patreon website and also here on Anxiety United.

The Video Credit Tier: This tier is $5 per month and as well as the above perks it also comes with your name being credited on all of The Breakdown episode podcast videos. Patrons at this tier are also welcome to email me with suggestions for future video topics and questions. 100% of Patron-submitted questions will be answered in monthly videos.

The Let’s Talk Tier: This $10 per month tier includes all of the above, plus a once-a-month video call with yours truly. We can talk about anything you’d like and get the perspective of the host of The Breakdown that you’ve gotten to know throughout the lifespan of Anxiety United. I’m here for you, let’s talk.

It’s extremely important to me that I continue on with this work with The Breakdown podcast and continue to build this community. Your support as a Patron means I get to do that and dedicate more time to the cause.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for becoming a Patron, and for supporting my work and this community. It means the world to me.

Billy Cross

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