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When a High School Student Has GAD…

PHASE 1: Wake up and Get ready for another hopefully awesome day!

You get dressed, you brush your teeth, make your bed. You eat breakfast and you’re off to school.

PHASE 2: Gym. Ugh.

You’re all ready for gym, in your clothes, pony tail in your hair and everything. Warm ups suck. You hate running. (for some people) You have to run. You start to run, not easily but close enough and it hits you. You can barely breathe. You think, I’m going to die. A little while later, gym is over.

PHASE 3: Non-physical Work.

Math. English. Uh oh…was there a presentation today?! But you haven’t prepared! No no no she’s calling my name NO NO NO!

PHASE 4: Failure (or so we think)

You failed. Goodbye college. You feel like you’re going to die sad and miserable. You just wish the teacher had given you longer to prepare!


You wish the day would stinking hurry. You have places to me. One more minute. When the bell rings, you text your mom. She doesn’t reply. NO NO NO SHE CAN NOT BE DEAD I’M STILL YOUNG!!!

And that is the cycle of (mine, anyway) a day for a high-school student with GAD. So what can we do to stop this horror? In PHASE 2 you can feel pretty bad. At the moment it feels like your dying. Later on, you sort of realize it happens everyday. But that doesn’t make it any less scary. What can you do? Talk to someone you trust in your gym class. It could be the teacher or a friend, someone who can help you calm down. 

As for PHASE 3 + 4, you could try asking the teacher what was going on for that week. No teacher is going to yell at you for being prepared! 

And last but not least, #5. Yay. Ever happen to you before? I don’t own a phone (yet) so it hasn’t happened to me. But I do know that it happens to lots of people. I would keep a background that reminds you that their phone could be on silent or something along those lines. That way, you can remind yourself. 

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