Respite from Travel & Holiday Anxiety?

How many anxiety sufferers are struggling with travel anxiety? The thought of even going to the local shop sends shivers down spines, let alone the thought of a weekend away far from home.

I myself dream of travelling and I know a large number of people who would love the opportunity to do the same if not for anxiety. Could this be a solution?

During the course of the last 14 years my own mental health issueshave put so many restrictions on how I live my life. Missing out on familygatherings, not being able to travel to see friends and relatives, stay at homevacations have all become the norm for me.

My own anxiety issues often cause me to experience panic attacks and extremely uncomfortable sensations and symptoms when I leave the comfort of my own home.

I have spent many years yearning to be able to do the ‘normal’ things I previously mentioned.

One solution that occured to me recently was to create a comfort zone that could travel with me on these journeys. A safe zone campervan that could become a home from home for an anxiety sufferer.

As an anxiety sufferer, imagine being able to travel wherever you like actually within a place you feel comfortable in. The campervan doesn’t have to be a huge hotel on wheels, it really just needs to be somewhere that is relaxed, has everything you need within arms reach and a safe environment.

It then occured to me that this could be something that anyone suffering with anxiety could make use of.

My project here is to purchase a campervan which can be hired out with a small cost by anxiety sufferers across the United Kingdom to allow them to take journeys that they perhaps never felt possible.

A VW T5 campervan would ideally be purchased, with a sleeping capacity of 4 people, complete with cooking facilities and entertainment along with an additional awning extension to encompass a real camping trip.

If/when I ever reach my goal, a blank canvas van would be purchased and then custom fitted out with a suitable layout to serve the needs of an anxiety sufferer and the rest of the family. Including a relaxing interior finish with custom fitted audio outs to plug headphones straight infor relaxation audio.

I set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFund me to allow other people to contribute to this project if they want to. Regardless of if this campaign generates any interest, I intend to save my own funds and make this happen.

If you’d like to help and contribute, you can find more info here – Anxiety Travels

The Anxiety United campervan would be suitable for small families to take vacations across the UK and Europe.

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