Time to Talk or Time to Act?

You may or you may not be aware that today has been labelled Time To Talk day by the mental health charity Time to Change.

It’s a day that brings the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems.”

We thought this thread on twitter summed up the Time To Talk hashtag to perfection so we asked Thal (@thalestral) for permission to share it here, and here it is below. Perfectly written.


It’s #TimeToTalk about:

  • many NHS areas now offer no mental health talking therapies
  • where talking therapy is available there is only one method, with a majority relapse rate
  • the punishing benefit system actively worsens mental health
  • mental illness costs England alone £105.2 billion a year – more than is spent on mental health care
  • hospitals discharge actively suicidal folk due to lack of resources
  • the rate of self-harm is increasing every year, particularly in children
  • 75% of mental illness is present before the age of 18, 50% before 15
  • less than half of these children receive help
  • 25% of those who ask for help are turned away after referral
  • 95% of imprisoned young offenders are mentally ill
  • 23% of NHS activity is needed by mental health
  • 11% of NHS funding is given to mental health
  • for many who ask for help there is nobody to TALK TO
  • GPs turn people away
  • hospitals discharge the actively suicidal
  • no therapy

It’s #TimeToTalk about the fact there is often nobody to talk to.

CBT can be effective for some with at least 14 sessions. The NHS usually provides 6-8. Or an online course. Mental health professionals know that DBT and psychodynamic therapies are more effective.

It’s #TimeToTalk about the fact that the stigma around antidepressants is increasing due to irresponsible journalists and reporting. While many sufferers are given pills and no other support.

It’s #TimeToTalk, always, about the fact I was in severe crisis last year but could only see a psychiatrist every four months. There was no therapy. No psychologist. When suicidal I was advised not to be hospitalised as they wouldn’t help me.

It’s #TimeToTalk about suicidal people being discharged from hospital, told nothing can be done for them, and told to go home and “it’s up to you what you do there”. About benefit interviews that ask “why haven’t you killed yourself?” It’s time for the government to ACT.

We know it’s #TimeToTalk. So we talk, and ask for help and have to fight for what little help is available.

There aren’t enough listeners. And politicians prefer talking over ACTION.

People are dying. People are struggling to survive. It’s beyond #TimeToAct.


Big thank you for allowing us to share your thread Thal –

What do you think?

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