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The Truth About Anxiety & Panic Attack “Cure” Programs

I’ve long wanted to share my view and opinion on ‘paid for’ programs which claim to cure anxiety and stop panic attacks. 

The Trouble is that you can’t mention any names these days without fear of reprisal. So I’ve kept things really broad here, if you offer a ‘cure’ for anxiety in the form of a program or you claim to be able to switch off panic attacks and you charge the earth for it, I’m talking about you. 

My top 3 books as featured in this video: 

So let’s talk about spending a fortune on a ‘cure’ for anxiety in the form of a program that you can buy online. Ok, first off. I’m not totally against the idea of these programs. And my intro might have been a bit over dramatic. 

I’m not going to name any of the programs I’m referring too here, you can find them for yourself, there’s enough adverts placed around the internet if you look. The one thing these companies are pretty good at is putting their programs in your face. But then, with the amount of money they charge, it’s probably no big deal to splash the cash on bit of strategic marketing.

The programs in question do actually help some people, there’s no denying that. There are many positive reviews to be found. Granted, many of them are on the programs own website, but if you look far enough, you can find other positive experiences of using the programs.

I’m genuinely happy for people who have used any of these programs to actually put a stop to anxiety and panic.

One definite positive thing about these programs, which is incidentally the same positive thing you get from using a kindle for reading or audible for audiobooks, is the speed in which you can acquire the resources.

The content (in some areas) is pretty decent. You know, the same stuff you can find on the internet on other websites, for free. The audio files or videos, well yes, again pretty useful. You know those videos on youtube you can get with like audio relaxation or progressive muscle relaxation? And where people tell you their own experiences of anxiety, or when qualified therapists actually tell you what happens to your body when you have a panic attack. Well they’re very similar to those sometimes. 

Oh the support telephone number, yes, there’s a bunch of really great charities that’ll help with that too. There’s a link to a bunch of them on our website actually.

I’ve actually spent out on a number of these programs in the past myself. 

In the early days of me experiencing my anxiety and panic attacks, the first thing I did was search the internet, and this was over 10 years ago. Well, the market wasn’t so saturated back then, so I was drawn in by promises to make this feeling I had ‘go away’. Guaranteed, or my money back.

I made a purchase, it was around £100 at the time and it was an instant download, so I’m talking, ‘cured’ within the next couple of hours.

I was vulnerable, and I was desperate for someone to fix this problem.

You can often tell when you’re going to be parting with large amounts of cash from a website that tells you all you need to know, apart from that nugget of information that they hold the key too. You’ll sit and read pages upon pages of literature that you can relate too, you’ll finally find something that knows exactly how you feel and holds the key to switching it off. 

Then you hit the section that asks for your card details.

Whereas, when you come across a book:

Dr. Claire Weekes was an Australian GP and health writer, who created the books that for me, define anxiety and panic.

Originally written in the 1960's "Hope and Help For Your Nerves" and "Peace From Nervous Suffering" provide the original cognitive approach to cure that is the basis for virtually every successful anxiety treatment program.

With no "magical" promises.

If you want more than reading materials and audio files, and you live in the UK, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with your GP, or giving the NHS IAPT service a call, you can even self-refer. It won’t cost you a thing. 

Yes, the waiting times might be longer than an instant download. And yes, they won’t have the secret formula via download, but they will offer you treatment options if you need them.

And ok, sometimes these treatment options might not work for you. I get that. But at least make that your first port of call.

There is no one size fits all solution to anxiety, every individual will respond to treatments and therapies differently. 

A program will not cure you, a book will not cure you, an audio book will not cure you. 

They can certainly assist you, and they can guide you. But only you can cure you.

My message to the creators of so called ‘cures’ for anxiety and panic. If you want to help people as much as you say you do. Post it online for free and help the millions of people who are suffering now. 

If you want to support Anxiety United and help fund the operation, sign up to an Audible 30 day FREE trial via this link: 

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  1. Well Billy, I’ve just stumbled across your post and read through where you call the creators of panic and anxiety attack programs outand supply them for free online. ……and that’s exactly what I’ve just done for you. I’ve been in practice more than 20 years and helped nearly 3000 people. Everyone that has applied themself to my program has removed their anxiety and panic attacks! Proof is in the pudding as they say. there’s no catch, it’s free. Why am I now doing this a) because I can and b) in the past I’ve suffered with anxiety myself so I know how dreadful it can be. Th e link is on the page here for anyone that wants to download the complete program – Kind Regards Kevin

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