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Substances That Are Known To Aggravate Anxiety

  1. 5 Nicotine

    Nicotine is as strong a stimulant as caffeine. People often associate having a cigarette with relaxing, or calming down to ease their anxiety or panic, however scientific research shows that smokers tend to be more anxious than non-smokers. Smoking is also said to have a negative effect on the ability to sleep.

    Some of the benefits of giving up smoking are:

    • Clearer lungs and improved breathing
    • Reduction in risk of heart attacks
    • Appearance improvements (i.e. skin, hair
    • A healthier bank balance
    • Food and drink taste better

    There are many benefits to giving up smoking, the list could go on and on. 

    There are several great schemes to help you quit smoking, especially from the NHS, we urge you to contact them if you intend to quit.

    If you can eliminate all or even just some of these substances from your daily routine, you should begin to notice positive changes. This isn’t a claim to say that your anxiety will cease to exist in your life, but removing these things will give your body every chance to help you on your way to recovery.


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