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A return from the depths of mindfullness


It’s been a while since I did a piece of writing like this. I used to use anxiety united a few years ago but a lot of changes have been made since then and it appears my account no longer exists. The last few years have been a hard fought battle with anxiety and depression and all that entails. Over 12 months of CBT later and I am still here.

When you decided to face your mental health issues with help from others there are a few things that no-one tells you:

– To start with its going to be exhausting. For me personally I had to see a dr and a psychiatrist before I was assigned to a CBT therapist. This meant answering in depth questions about my life and the way my mind works and was very emotionally draining.

– You will probably think it’s not working. For the first few months of my CBT I was convinced it wasn’t working. I felt all I did was sit in a room and talk about my problems. I felt none of the tasks my therapist set me to do were any use. BUT believe me, stick with it, all the activities that may seem pointless are just teaching you to think differently and manage your feelings.

– Once you realise its working you will feel dependant on it. I remember when they told me I would only be having a few more sessions and they would be more spread out. The fear that ran through me was chilling, knowing that there wouldn’t be another session I just had to make it to was scary. However, they know what they’re doing, they know when you can cope on your own and I did.

After my CBT ended it was time to put all the things I had learnt into practice, now when things got a little rough I would have to help myself. So, I work out a lot now and when I start to feel a little low I look after myself, i’ll treat myself to relaxing bath bombs or a face mask; things that will act as mindfulness activities.

It is so important to remember that you are the only person who can help yourself, you can be guided and taught ways to do it or shown the best medication options for you, but you have to be the one to make the first step and say you know what i’m struggling and I think I need some help.

I apologise for rambling on but I hope I have made some sense in what i’m saying!



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