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Mental Health Blog Awards 2021

Much to my delight, I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards at this years Mental Health Blog Awards. I’ve been put forward in two separate categories as a nominee for the Podcaster of the year and Vlogger of the year.


To vote for me and Anxiety United, simply follow the link above and click the Online Voting Open button, then go through the categories until you see the Podcaster and Vlogger categories. Where you will see Billy – Anxiety United.

I truly do appreciate any votes and look forward to continuing my journey here on Anxiety United and sharing my findings with you all.

I’ve been making vlogs talking about my own issues with Anxiety for many years now, dating back as far as 2009 and those are just the videos on my current Anxiety United channel. I did have a channel dating back before that but removed the channel and videos due to receiving some unwanted attention.

The reason I started vlogging my anxiety issues was two-fold. Initially it was to show other people who might be struggling that they’re not alone in struggling, but it soon became kind of a journal for myself too. If I found myself going through a particularly tough time with anxiety, I would go on to my YouTube channel and watch my old videos where I’d talk about how I was feeling. It gave me comfort knowing that i’d been in these situations before and I would always come out the other side.

More recently I’ve been filming vlogs where I’ve been travelling a little, just around the UK. But being in a position to actually go and see new places and experience new things is only as a result of my confidence growing, in which having my old videos to refer to, has played a huge part.

When it comes to podcasts, I’ve been doing those for a while too, I initially started out making audio only podcasts, with just little old me chatting away and trying to help others through the down days. More recently I launched The Breakdown Podcast, which sees me talking to other people about their own experiences with anxiety. I’ve had a few celebrity guests such as soap stars and famous footballers and anxiety specialists who talk more deeply about the ways out of anxiety disorders. The idea behind this podcast is to try and bring a varied discussion about anxiety and mental health from a wide range of view points.

If you’ve enjoyed any of my content over the years, I’d really appreciate it if you could spare a moment to go and vote for me (Billy – Anxiety United) in the Podcaster and Vlogger categories on the Mental Health Blog Awards website for 2021.

You can find more details and vote here.

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