Love Your Fear: A Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety

Out NowLove Your Fear: A Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety

Dear Friends,

My nonfiction self-help book is out now: Love Your FearA Quick Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety

Available in Ebook & Print

Below is the blurb on the back of the book:


Love Your Fear will guide you through a peaceful adventure, a transformation into quietude, a set of techniques a fellow anxious person has discovered over almost two decades of living with anxiety. Now you can learn to live again too. You don’t have to fight anymore.

Before Publishing

For about three quarters of a year I have been researching and studying. I have been learning about marketing, promotion, product creation, publishing, business and even legal considerations—all in relation to writing. As many will testify, this area of life is not something that writers naturally fall into, nor is at an area of particular interest. At times it has been gruelling and painstakingly boring. The artistic mind shrinks in horror from all this crap. It has however been eye-opening to say the least and I believe quite necessary to have an insight into how the world has changed and continues to change for writers. Learning about the business side of things will do no harm to any writer in the long run. My biggest regret of course is that my actual writing has taken a backburner in recent times, but dwelling overmuch on pity and what ifs is a recipe for depression.

As we fast approach the 2020s, it is a wonder to anyone what the new decade will offer the writing world. Online is booming. Despite a mini revival, physical bookstores are on the wane. Audiobooks and podcasting have become mainstream and I believe their reach will expand even further, as will video, as we enter the new decade. People are buying physical books less and less, though there is still rightfully (and luckily) a market here.

Many people would argue that e-readers were the talk of the town of the last decade in writerville. Most popular of these was the Amazon Kindle. It wasn’t until 2009 that the Kindle went international, providing a whole new avenue of opportunity for readers and writers alike.

Like many things in life, audio is easy to do but difficult to master. If you want to do it well, you probably need time and money on your side. Writers looking to do audio professionally usually invest in: a decent microphone, the hire of a soundproof room usually in a studio, and expert professionals who can hear and cut out unwanted breathing noises, lip noises, errrrrrrrrms etc. It takes a surprising amount of time to edit a long audio recording with attention to detail.

Being in front of a camera is not something that overlyexcites me. However, I hope to in the next decade jump on the audio bandwagonand have all my titles available in audiobook form. A podcast too will besomething to think about.

My novel Jim & Martha: A Novel on Eco Living will be available this autumn and you can find out more about it here:

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy Love Your Fear. Thank you for your time in reading and wishing you all the best,


Love Your Fear: A Quick Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety

Buy Now/Download a Sample:


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