Just an Ordinary Man with Anxiety – Part 3

We all want to find success in life. After all, society promotes the idea that successful people figured out life. Yet, what exactly is success? We all have different definition of success and that definition changes over time. When I was young, I said I wanted to be a doctor or astronaut when I grow up. Now, I decided on a completely different path. I want to help people facing anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. So, what made me change my mind so much?

I’d like to define my idea of success. Success provides us humans with a few vital musts and that’s exactly why we want success. First, success must pay our bills. Regardless of what sort of lifestyle you live, your success must allow you to afford your lifestyle. Some people might pick a simpler lifestyle so they don’t need as much money or resources as those wanting yachts and mansions. Yet, everything like food, clothing and other necessities must be acquired one way or another without breaking the law.

Secondly, success must bring you happiness. Life is rather short and we don’t know what tomorrow brings. We have found some success if we can do what we love. Some people argue that you should find jobs that are practically and not necessarily your passion. I want to ask these people how long they think people live on average. If a person spends twenty years or thirty years doing a job they hate, how much time do these people have left to enjoy life before they reached the end of the road? Of course, we are assuming two things here. These people can remain at the job for this long and they can actually support themselves during retirement.

Happiness is essentially living life to the fullest. This not only means doing the things you always wanted but also be grateful of the little things in your life. People often confuse success with standing at the top of the world and being revered in magazines. Yet, an ordinary person who treasures loved ones and appreciate all that he/she is given finds more happiness than those with only billions and little else in their lives. It’s the small things in life that can bring us happiness but people overlook them due to the belief that they are negligible.

Thirdly, success brings us fulfillment. I see fulfillment and happiness as two different thing. Happiness is a short-term thing which people tend to be good at while fulfillment is a long-term thing that truly gives our life meaning. Fulfillment is what truly separates those who found success and those who are filled with regrets later in their life. A simple example would be a group of college students partying. They found happiness in what they’re doing but, by neglecting their studies, they drop out and find low paying jobs which never give them satisfaction about life when they leave school.

Fulfillment is doing something that requires lots of hard work. These are the mythical things we call dreams. We all know dreams never come easy. They become a reality after years, if not decades, of hard work. Anything shorter is merely a goal, not a dream. People reading this all have a dream or, for a good portion, had a dream. Things don’t always work out in life and many people give up on their dreams, some of whom didn’t even take the first step. This is exactly why so many people aren’t fulfilled. Their dreams were tossed away and they have nothing left.

I see fulfillment as the toughest thing to accomplish in life. We have people who can make lots of money simply through working harder than their coworkers. Happiness isn’t hard either if we can find time and/or money for hobbies and things we always wanted to do. We tend to be much weaker on long term goals. It seems so distant that we always believe we have more time. In truth, time can pass in a blink of an eye and it’s too late by then. We must remember that we are all unique for a reason. We have great potentials within us and, by tapping into it, we can make the world a better place in our own way. We’ve found success when we made the world a better place than the one we saw when we first arrived!



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