How Reading and Writing has Helped my Anxiety

Read and Writing have been fundemental in my life working to strive for peace.

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Everyday, somebody experiences a traumatic experience. Everyday, somebody finds out something critical to their health. Everyday, we stay silent, thinking of all the ways we can go wrong.

Reading has breaken me away.

Years ago, so far away, I picked up my first book and thought, Ugh why do I have to read? 

You know what? Reading allows me to break away from a world where people are insensitive to me. 

In sixth grade I was in a computer class and it was free time. I went on Pinterest every other day and no one ever commented on it, so I assumed it was fine. The teacher came up to me and the conversation went like this:

Teacher: What are you doing?

Me: Just going on Pinterest.

Teacher: Alright, have I ever said that was okay? Ever?

Me: No…but-

Teacher: Then get off of it and do something productive.

I adored teachers and learning. I’m smart, it’s fact not ego speaking, and I thought a classroom was a great place for me. I love teachers now, even. But I still wake up, a year later, thinking about it. Bereting myself for things that shouldn’t matter.

You may be wondering, what the heck does this have to do with reading or writing?

Well, whenever I need to, I escape. I don’t need to run! I need my worlds! I’ve been writing for so long it’s my first instinct. If something is wrong, I can express it better through my writing! If I don’t feel up to be creative, I can open my book and relax. 

My power is within my books.

But this isn’t nessacarily true for you.

For you it could be as simple as journaling, or developing your religious beliefs. It could be painting a picture or playing music. If you need to escape, listen to your heart and do what you crave to do! For me, it’s opening up my book. I’ve tried, but I can’t live without reading.

Reading and writing is my air. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I wish you so much luck! Feel free to tell me about gramatical mistakes, so I can fix them!

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