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Have You Tried This For Anxiety?

Has anyone tried this for anxiety? It's one of the most popular questions I see popping up across social media in groups for those suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Plant-based miracles for recovering from and curing anxiety, does such a thing exist?

Hi, I’m a facebook user, and I’m in a bunch of groups for anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks and they always fill up my timeline and I’m not complaining about that at all. It’s my choice to see these things.

Something I always see popping up on the groups is have you tried “this” for your anxiety.

I want to reference a post I seen the other day, it was someone asking about Ashwaganda. The actual question was – Has anyone tried Ashwaganda for their anxiety? I was using St John’s Wort but it stopped working after a week.

And there’s so many things wrong with posts like these on the internet. It then led in to a conversation about Sertraline and other meds people are prescribed for their anxiety.

Incidentally I was talking to a friend on facebook last night who I know very well and she has anxiety and depression issues. She went to see her doctor yesterday because she’s been feeling a bit overwhelmed with stress and anxiety recently, she’s already on Citalopram and has been for a while. 

In her head before the appointment she wanted to talk to the doctor about getting some talking therapy, some counselling sessions. And she also wanted to discuss reducing the meds or even coming off them, because she hasn’t felt any benefits from using them.

Now picture the scene, so as some of you will know and feel that getting to the doctors can be a mission in itself, the agonising wait in the waiting room, with people coughing all over you and magazines from the dark ages. My friend wouldn’t be going to the doctors about how she feels unless she realises that she needs some help. It’s not rocket science.

She gets called in to the doctor and then breaks down. She opened up and told the doctor what was on her mind. She told the doctor that she’d like some counselling to try and get all this stuff off her chest.

Now this isn’t a knock on the job that doctors do, because they have a hard job. In fact their absolutely brilliant when it comes to physical issues, and there are probably some doctors out there who are fabulous when it comes to mental health. But on the flip side, there are also a large number of doctors out there who’s answer is always to print out those prescriptions.

So my friends doctor, after sitting listening to her spill, says and I quote “I can’t refer you to counselling because you’re not strong enough”. “What we need to do, is up the dosage of the citalopram”. 

In fact my own doctor tried the same thing with me about 12 months ago, using a bottle of diet coke from his desk he explained “if the bottle gets shaken up, when the bottle is opened, things start spraying everywhere, and that’s what’s happening to you, you’re stressed and overwhelmed and you need to put the lid on and let things settle down”

Of course I rejected the offer of anti-depressants, because in my experience, when you next come to take that lid off, the pop is going to start spraying everywhere again. In my experience, if you put a lid on that fizzy pop and it keeps getting shaken around (because it's still going to get shaken around), when you come to loosen that lid next time, it’s going to go everywhere, and you know what, eventually that bottles gonna be empty. And the only thing you’ve got to show for it is an empty bottle and sticky fingers.

What about we leave the lid off the pop and we try to get some advice on how to deal with the spillages. 

I’d like to point out at this point that I’m not bashing meds and please don’t stop taking them if you’ve been prescribed them. Yes they do work for some folk and I’m really pleased for you.

I’m not a doctor, neither am I a trained professional.

And this post is not about prescribed medication, that’s a topic for another day and preferably for someone who can provide hard evidence and facts about their benefits.

This post is for people who are still looking for something to “cure” anxiety. Ashwaganda, Ginseng, St Johns Wort, Rescue Remedy, CBD Oil, Lavender. 

The comment at the start of this post about how St Johns Wort stopped working after a week. Are you kidding me? So they are now going to try Ashwaganda.

And what are they going say the next time they feel anxious? You know you’re gonna run out of herbal remedies at some point.

I’ve been using CBD oil for like 8 months now, and it didn’t fix my anxiety. I guess sitting here at my desk making clouds didn’t fix my mental and emotional issues with standing in the middle of the town centre, how come? I want my money back.

I get that people are desperate, and I get that people want a quick fix, how much easier would it be if there was a plant we could grow that’d take away our emotional responses to things???? 

Well it wouldn’t would it, anxiety is a response to fear. We need that response, if there was a plant we could take to stop fear, trust me, we’d all be in danger.

Now there’s nothing wrong with eating healthily, and taking in the right nutrients and getting all these benefits from super foods and herbal remedies, but don’t expect to eat something and all your anxieties go away. 

Take them because you want to feel healthy, take them because they’ll give you the energy to get up and get out there, they’ll maybe make you feel less tired, they’ll maybe give your immune system a boost, they’ll maybe thicken your hair, maybe they’ll increase your libido. But what they wont do, is make it comfortable when you’re in a crowded room if you suffer with social anxiety, neither will they magically transport you the middle of a supermarket and back again because you can’t do your shopping without panicking. 

The only way to do that is… to do that.

Like I’ve said, I still have episodes of anxiety, and yes, I haven’t tried probably 9000 different plant based rememdies, but I’m going to stick to my gut instincts on this one and assume that my struggles are more to do with the fact that I just don’t do enough practicing in getting comfortable in those situations. 

The more you do, the more you learn that anxiety will not kill you, you’re not in any real danger. And as horrible as it feels at times, and in certain situations, Ashwaganda isn't going to stop that my friend. 

Embrace the wobbliness. Loosen and accept, smile and wave.

What do you think?

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