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Guided Meditation & Progressive Muscle Relaxation

One of the main contributing factors to the continuation of feelings of anxiety and stress is the inability to relax you mind and body.

Combining a simple breathing exercise and progressive muscle relaxation can bring relief to the symptoms of anxiety and panic quite quickly.

Relaxation should be an important part of your daily routine, slowing down your racing thoughts and giving your body time to recover from any stress.

The first thing we advise is to listen to our FREE Guided Relaxation Exercise Audio.

We''ve put together this audio file for you to use to help you drift off in to a peaceful sleep. Using a technique known as progressive muscle relaxation we will help you to relax your mind and body, click the play button below and follow our instructions.

Before you listen to this relaxation audio, get yourself in to a comfortable position, preferably lying down where you would like to sleep. When you are ready to relax, press the play button and begin. Goodnight.

Please do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery


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