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Anxiety & The Fear Cycle

When it comes to suffering with anxiety, you’ve probably heard the words “the fear cycle” many times.

We’re all aware that anxiety is fear, but sometimes it’s difficult to recognise exactly how this fear builds and how it continues to catch us off guard.

So let’s take a look at how and where the fear cycle works within us when anxiety strikes.

  1. 1 You start relaxed and calm

    You start relaxed and calm until something activates your anxiety.

    This is always the beginning of the fear cycle. If you are not in fear right now, then you are in the relaxed and calm zone. 

    Something that is often said, is that "I'm never relaxed and calm". But if you are not in the fear cycle, then we should consider that we are calm. When you're in the heat of the moment, it's difficult to remember the time before the fear struck and this often leads to a belief that you are never away from fear. But the truth is, if you really sit and think about it, you do have glimpses of peace. Even if only for a short period.

    So stage one is the moment that anxiety is activated. And here are the responses that follow.


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