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10 Most Common Anxiety Symptoms

  1. 9 Increased Heart Rate - Tachycardia

    An increase heart rate is also known as tachycardia, which is described as a heart rate of over a hundred beats per minute in a healthy adult.

    An increase in your heart rate often causes a considerable amount of fear because when it appears randomly, it makes you think that something is wrong with your heart. It's not uncommon for those with anxiety to know that their heart is fine in general. But when they are experiencing this increase heart rate, they fear that they are having a heart attack, or that one is coming.

    Once your body is flooded with adrenaline or if you're hyperventilating, your heart rate won't slow down until it gets back to it's normal balance. Your heart is beating quickly because it needs to. If your heart beat could be slowed down before your body goes back to normal, you wouldn't get enough blood to the areas that need it.

    So unfortunately, tachycardia is an anxiety symptom that needs to be waited out. And the best thing you can do for yourself, is to learn to control your anxiety and stop your anxiety from getting out of control.

    Try some relaxation strategies and breathing techniques that can help you stay calmer in the moment.

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