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10 Most Common Anxiety Symptoms

  1. 3 Jelly Legs or Weak Legs

    Experiencing weak legs or jelly legs can be a frightening experience when suffering with anxiety.

    When a sufferer is in a heightened state of anxiety, the mind and body react by either confronting the percieved fear or running away from the imagined danger. The same thing happens in the event of an anxiety attack.

    The blood rushes to your muscles and to your organs in preparation for a confrontation of some kind. In some cases, the increased rush of blood makes you feel that your legs are suddenly saw. However, your legs muscles are merely reacting to the feelings. Your legs are preparing to either run away or stand your ground.

    When you are in an increased state of anxiety and you feel that your legs are like jelly, your typical reaction will be to give in to the feelings, to sit down and wait until the feeling passes. But unfortunately, this won't help. The correct response, is to continue to use your legs, to use up the excess adrenaline which has been released in to your system.

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