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10 Most Common Anxiety Symptoms

  1. 2 Dizziness

    Dizziness can often be a trigger which can lead to a full blown panic attack. It is often one of the scarier symptoms that a sufferer will experience during an anxiety attack.

    Feeling lightheaded, feeling faint, off-balance and unsteady or feeling as though you may even collapse and/or pass out. It can also feel as though you are walking on a boat on water or that the floor beneath you is moving up and down or side to side. You may feel as though your legs will not support you, you're unstead or that it's hard to keep your balance. 

    All of the above feelings, can be attributed to anxiety dizziness.

    Common causes of anxiety dizziness are:

    • Taking in too much, or too little oxygen when breathing
    • Stress
    • Fatigue

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