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10 Most Common Anxiety Symptoms

This article will feature the 10 most common symptoms of anxiety in reverse order. The list of symptoms has been created with votes from over 5000 real sufferers of anxiety.

If you do have any of these symptoms listed or any others that are not mentioned and are concerned about them, please be sure to visit with your doctor.

  1. 1 Headaches

    The first and least common of our top 10 anxiety symptoms on our list is headaches.

    Headaches and migranes are very common symptoms of an anxiety disorder. 

    Tension headaches, a feeling of a tight band around your head, shooting pains in your head and/or face, stabbing pains. 

    Some people describe their anxiety headaches as though they have a 'feeling of pressure' in their head or their head feels as though 'it will explode'.


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